Boozy’s Legal Funhouse – Episode 6: Doing the Deeds

And now it’s time to start the weekly uploads of Boozy’s Legal Funhouse, a discussion of legal principles, news, events, and cases!

This week I talk about the most basic part of real property law: Deeds.  And in doing so explains why the plot of “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” is absolute bullshit and Toontown would have, in reality, would have ended up razed to the ground, talks about why Bob is a bastard, discusses the differences in property ownership, reveals lawyers will never avoid an Adverse Possession joke, and curses a LOT.

Also discussed is Lin Wood doxxing the bar, the tragedy of people being forced to sell their homes, lawyers punching each other, and a drunken legal opinion.

Recorded 2/22/2021

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Links from this Episode:

“How Jim Crow Era Laws Still Tear Families From Their Homes” via ABAJournal

“Pro Trump Lawyer L. Lin Wood Posts Names and Addresses of Disciplinary Board Members After He Learns of Bar Probe” via ABAJournal

Former ALJ Censure for Punching a Lawyer via ABAJourn

Stella Atois Case Article via ABA Journal

Freaky Friday: The Westfield Watcher Is Not A Material Defect

Welcome back to Freaky Friday here on Lawyers & Liquor, where the crypt door to the unholy filing room has swung open and the little ghosties and ghoulies from all over have crept out to serve summons in the dead of night.  I’m your ghost host, the BOO-zy Barrister, here to talk about the creepy, paranormal, and downright weird areas of law that others seem to forget exist.  Or at least don’t mention, because as we learned about in the past, there’s a lot of stuff in law that we’re not going to tell you about when we’re taking on your case.  Like the fact that lawyers are essentially modern day vampires who suck your blood, but we don’t wear capes (okay, everyone except that one legal aid guy, but he’s a little strange and nobody sits next to him at bar functions anymore.)

Is that really an issue, though?  Not telling people shit? I mean, it’s like the biggest horror movie trope there is.  You don’t tell someone that the amulet you left them in your will is haunted by a demon that comes out at night to anally assault you without lube.  You fail to mention the cemetery that got paved over so your new house could be built on top of it.  Maybe you leave off the part about the family of stalkers that’s been watching your house for the last several generations and sends you letters demanding that you feed the home “young blood.”  It’s a trope, right?

You know, except for that last one.

That last one totally fucking happened in real life.

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Freaky Friday: Cadaver Law – Grandma’s Corpse is Court Property

When the crypt doors creak and the tombstones quake, ghost come out for a swinging infringement of Disney’s copyright on the lyrics of this song.

That’s right guys, it’s time to swing open the mausoleum and take a trip down the weird world of the legal and illegal. It’s Freaky Friday here on Lawyers & Liquor, and this month we’re going to talk about the unique legal status of the human cadaver.

…I get the feeling a few of you will find this information important, and immediately afterwards will call off work to go “take care of something” in the basement.

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