Boozy’s Legal Funhouse, Episode 9: The Law is Bad for You

Welcome back for another episode of Boozy’s Legal Funhouse, a “recorded live, screw it” podcast where we discuss general law, the practice of law, specific cases, and legal news with a profane attorney and his friends.

In this episode Boozy’s joined by Tiago and Buddy, two other attorneys, for a roundtable discussion in which we pull back the curtain to talk about how the practice of law absolutely wrecks people – mentally, physically, and emotionally – health wise. 

Also, racist judges, eagle-eyed prosecutors, and rent-a-car false convictions.

WARNING:  This episode contains discussions of suicide.  Discretion advised.

Stop in and join us!

Recorded 3/15/2021

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Brud v. The Jews: A shver harts redt a sach.

Yesterday was pretty interesting, wasn’t it? I mean, among all the other things that were going on in the world on September 27, 2017 we saw Puerto Rico continue to suffer, high-minded debate about the impact of the Jones Act on maritime commerce and relief efforts not to mention the economic impact on a U.S. Territory, the death of a Hugh Heffner, and, of course, a lawyer in Jackson, MS decided that it was time to sue “The Jews.”

Oh, did you miss that one?

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