Boozy’s Legal Funhouse, Episode 17: *OwO* Notices Your Fact Pleading Requirements

Join Boozy for a dry discussion of pleading requirements in filing Complaints, Answers, and other pleadings at the beginning of a lawsuit.  That’s right, because the thing you really wanted to do today was sit through an hour and a half of some guy yelling at Civil Procedure, the Calculus of Law.

Also included:  A federal judge refuses to abide by sentencing minimums, another judge is required to fund Arkansas’s bustling life coach industry, and a prosecutor walks back a targeted policy to screw over one lawyer in particular.

Recorded live on 6/8/2021

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Show Notes:

Rules of Law: Read Your Procedural Rules Before Filing

Alright, so you guys may remember that, in the past, I’ve had some words for Tiffany Dehen, the USD law graduate who was impersonated on Twitter, lost her mind, and began to sue everyone in the world for $100,000,000 in order to be compensated for the grave slight of there being a Twitter account out there with three followers in her name.  You may even recall that I previously begged her, in an open letter, to, in the words of that goddamn ice princess, let it go. That didn’t happen, and yesterday both Twitter and USD filed briefs seeking to have the whole thing dismissed.

This isn’t a post about Twitter, but…you guys…how strangely awesome is it that USD Law essentially moved to dismiss a complaint filed by one of their own graduates on the grounds that someone they gave a fucking JD to doesn’t understand the basic procedural rules everyone is taught in the first year of law school? What world is this, even? That’s like the very definition of a pyrrhic victory!

You don’t know what that means? Oh my god…I’m dealing with children. Google it. I’m not your goddamn history teacher. By the way, go smack your history teacher.

Anyhow, despite being really goddamn amusing, there’s an important lesson for lawyers in the Tiffany Saga today, and that is learn the goddamn procedural rules that will govern your case.  Jesus christ, this should be like simple background shit for most of you by now, but I’m personally seeing attorneys with years of practice fuck shit up procedurally simply because they can’t be bothered to go on the local court website and read the rules and procedures.

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