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Alright, so, Boozy pays for this shit out of pocket, and tries to keep from monetizing the site at all. He’ll probably keep doing it, because this shit is the only thing that keeps him from flipping his shit on a regular basis.

That said

If you like the site, and you like the grumpy asshole that runs it, you can do so like this:

Lawyers & Liquor has a Patreon page, and you can make a monthly donation to keep the site up and running. There are some fun little rewards for the Patreon folks, normally in the form of shit Boozy puts up like a monthly missive or a short monthly audio message.

Want to give Boozy money but DON’T want to do it every damn month? Cool. There’s also a Ko-Fi page that you can throw money at by clicking on this neat button:

Boozy promises to use any money received in an irresponsible manner.