Boozy’s Legal Funhouse -Episode 10: John Adams Hates Free Speech

Good morning and welcome back! I’m the Boozy Barrister, and after a brief hiatus last week because I literally fell down a flight of stairs we’re back with another Episode of Boozy’s Legal Funhouse!

This week we’re having a discussion of Shakespearian Mock Trials, Judges arrested for child pornography, the inability of a victim to identify her murderer from beyond the grave, and then discussing everyone’s favorite amendment – the First Amendment – and why it pissed off John Adams enough that he made criticism of his government a federal crime!

Feel free to give it a listen here or on your favorite podcasting service, or don’t. I’m not your father.

Recorded 3/29/2021

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Boozy’s Legal Funhouse, Episode 9: The Law is Bad for You

Welcome back for another episode of Boozy’s Legal Funhouse, a “recorded live, screw it” podcast where we discuss general law, the practice of law, specific cases, and legal news with a profane attorney and his friends.

In this episode Boozy’s joined by Tiago and Buddy, two other attorneys, for a roundtable discussion in which we pull back the curtain to talk about how the practice of law absolutely wrecks people – mentally, physically, and emotionally – health wise. 

Also, racist judges, eagle-eyed prosecutors, and rent-a-car false convictions.

WARNING:  This episode contains discussions of suicide.  Discretion advised.

Stop in and join us!

Recorded 3/15/2021

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Boozy’s Legal Funhouse, Episode 8: Who Owns the Dead?

On this Episode of Boozy’s Legal Funhouse:

Join Boozy for a discussion of property rights regarding your rotting corpse in this overview of the legal nature of a dead body.  From who decides how you’re sent into whatever lies beyond the veil to why you can’t have yourself stuffed and turned into an interesting conversation piece, this week we go over Who Owns the Dead on Boozy’s Legal Funhouse!

Also, Marvel CEOs and DNA Theft, Strip Club paycheck protection, and a possible abrogation of student free speech.

Recorded Before a Live Audience (over the internet) on 3/8/2021

News Links:
Marvel CEO DNA Theft Article
Strip Club PPP Article
SCOTUS Mahanoy City School Docket and Documents


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Boozy’s Legal Funhouse – Episode 7, Mens Room Rea and Strict Liability

On this Episode of Boozy’s Legal Funhouse:

The Boozy Barrister/Boozy Badger is joined by Scuff, a Kansas prosecutor, for a talk about the basics of The Guilty Mind and criminal culpability in this episode of Boozy’s Legal Funhouse. On deck is a description of it means to have the requisite mental state for committing crimes, the unfairness of strict liability felonies, the introduction of Dipshit the Unicorn, and more. Also, Scuff surprises Boozy by being a prosecutor with a sense of actual justice. Also discussed is defrauding the elderly of Coca Cola stock, expanding the federal judiciary, and pun filled Twitter love letters to Joe Biden.

Recorded 3/1/2021

Links for This Episode:

State v. Blake:

News Articles:


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Boozy’s Legal Funhouse – Episode 6: Doing the Deeds

And now it’s time to start the weekly uploads of Boozy’s Legal Funhouse, a discussion of legal principles, news, events, and cases!

This week I talk about the most basic part of real property law: Deeds.  And in doing so explains why the plot of “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” is absolute bullshit and Toontown would have, in reality, would have ended up razed to the ground, talks about why Bob is a bastard, discusses the differences in property ownership, reveals lawyers will never avoid an Adverse Possession joke, and curses a LOT.

Also discussed is Lin Wood doxxing the bar, the tragedy of people being forced to sell their homes, lawyers punching each other, and a drunken legal opinion.

Recorded 2/22/2021

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Links from this Episode:

“How Jim Crow Era Laws Still Tear Families From Their Homes” via ABAJournal

“Pro Trump Lawyer L. Lin Wood Posts Names and Addresses of Disciplinary Board Members After He Learns of Bar Probe” via ABAJournal

Former ALJ Censure for Punching a Lawyer via ABAJourn

Stella Atois Case Article via ABA Journal