Boozy’s Legal Funhouse – Episode 2

As we catch up on backlog, here’s the second episode of Boozy’s Legal Funhouse, a weekly stream/podcast where we discuss legal news and issues, interview attorneys, and generally jackass around with a law degree!

This episode was recorded 1/24/2021

Our guest this week was an old friend and former public defender who joined me for a discussion of criminal law and criminal defense, answering questions from Patreon supporters. Also, he did the entire interview wearing a giant, unblinking dog head which was kind of unsettling.

Lawyers are weird, folks.


We are now available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts! So there you go!

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Boozy Goes Radio

Hey folks.

So I said I was bringing things back this year, and we’re starting that with Boozy’s Legal Funhouse, a podcast of a live stream and…you know what? Here’s the deal. I’m busy, and I’m trying, and what the world REALLY needs is another self-important lawyer with a microphone talking about things.

The podcast, after the five backlogged episodes go up, will be live every Wednesday on here, on Spotify, and hopefully on Apple once they, you know, make sure I’m not an alien or whatever the hell it is they do.

You can find the first episode below, recorded last year as part of a livestream discussion of landmark LGBTQ+ SCOTUS cases!