Boozy’s Legal Funhouse – Episode 7, Mens Room Rea and Strict Liability

On this Episode of Boozy’s Legal Funhouse:

The Boozy Barrister/Boozy Badger is joined by Scuff, a Kansas prosecutor, for a talk about the basics of The Guilty Mind and criminal culpability in this episode of Boozy’s Legal Funhouse. On deck is a description of it means to have the requisite mental state for committing crimes, the unfairness of strict liability felonies, the introduction of Dipshit the Unicorn, and more. Also, Scuff surprises Boozy by being a prosecutor with a sense of actual justice. Also discussed is defrauding the elderly of Coca Cola stock, expanding the federal judiciary, and pun filled Twitter love letters to Joe Biden.

Recorded 3/1/2021

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