Boozy’s Legal Funhouse – Episode 6: Doing the Deeds

And now it’s time to start the weekly uploads of Boozy’s Legal Funhouse, a discussion of legal principles, news, events, and cases!

This week I talk about the most basic part of real property law: Deeds.  And in doing so explains why the plot of “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” is absolute bullshit and Toontown would have, in reality, would have ended up razed to the ground, talks about why Bob is a bastard, discusses the differences in property ownership, reveals lawyers will never avoid an Adverse Possession joke, and curses a LOT.

Also discussed is Lin Wood doxxing the bar, the tragedy of people being forced to sell their homes, lawyers punching each other, and a drunken legal opinion.

Recorded 2/22/2021

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