Friday Music: Denim is not Office Attire

My father’s law office had one rule when I worked for him as a legal assistant, and that was “No Jeans.  No polo shirts.  Slacks and button-ups at the minimum.  We’re a law office, not a gas station.”  But times have, sadly, changed.

I understand some offices have “dress down days.”  I also understand some in-house counsel read this blog.  For both of you unprofessional slackers, this one’s for you.

New post later this evening, and I’ll be posting tomorrow to make up for missing yesterday, as if any of you slackers will read it on a weekend!

Friday Music: Sailing Towards the Holidays

I may have a post on some other stuff later today to make up for missing out on Tuesday due to illness.  However, today’s Friday Music isn’t law related.  Instead, it’s a shout-out and well-wishes to all of my old crew and deck dogs who are spending the Holidays out on the water.

God rest you fellas, and fair winds back home.


Music Friday: The Benefits of Law School

It’s finals time, and a lot of law students are currently freaking out as professors blog the idiotic answers given.  For those of us in practice, there’s some dark humor in watching the Twitter-sphere explode with the stress of 1L, 2L, and 3LOL students praying that they’ll just get through this semester, rank, and become a highly paid attorney.

In recognition of that, here’s a little John McMullan and Law School for everyone.  I’ll see you folks on Monday.