Non-Profit Talk Moved to Monday, Music Today

So, I took a look through the post history this week and realized…I made my three posts already.

If you’re not familiar with this blog, I do three posts a week, sometimes four, but mainly three. This kind of helps me research the substantive legal posts a bit more than I research the other ones. So, even though I said I’d post on non-profits today…we’re gonna move that to Monday so I already have one in the hole for next week.

In the meantime, let’s go to the old fall back I use, which is Music Friday. It’s Thursday, but the office is closed tomorrow since I have to travel out of town to meet with some people. We’re all going to pretend it’s Friday, and I’m gonna give you guys some of my road music as I gather files for hitting the highway tonight.

Music Friday: Let’s all cry like little bitches.

Hey new readers.  Okay, so Fridays are kind of a wildcard day around here.  Normally I post a song that I’m listening to this week, or the song I listen to that I really like.  I post it through Spotify, because almost everyone has Spotify and it gives the artists some cash in their pocket for the play.  Afterwards, if I’m not busy, I’ll normally gin up a post if something catches my interest and I have the time.

Right now I’m preparing for these depositions this afternoon, so I don’t have time.  However, here’s the song, which I first heard when watching Inside Out and completely fucking fell in love with.  Enjoy a little Lava.

Slow Post Week, Friday Music, and Why: Coast of Carolina

I’m a parrothead, but Mac McAnally’s cover of this is wonderful.

Alright, I know I didn’t get a third post out this week. Valentine’s week is a rough one for me for personal reasons, and it is every year. Let’s just say I made a lot of good memories on that week a long time ago, and although I’m a hardbitten sonuvabitch, I’m still allowed to have emotions from time to time.

Podcast should be up on Monday barring me being a larger technological idiot, and we’ll return to the normal posting schedule next week.  Enjoy the weekend, folks.


Friday Music: A Follow-Up to #TiffanyvTwitter

Morning!  Alright, Fridays are busy days in the office of an asshole litigator, as everyone needs to do shit.  I’m working on a post for later today, a follow-up on getting a job called “Jesus Christ, don’t make yourself unemployable.”

To anyone new, Fridays are a song and maybe a post.  Today’s song goes out to our friend from #TiffanyvTwitter, the J.D. that filed a stunningly confusing and possibly insufficient lawsuit when someone created a Twitter parody account of her.  While I don’t agree with the “creating a Twitter parody account,” I have a special place in my heart for people who think the solution is “SUE EVERYONE!”  As such, Tiffany, this one’s for you: