Charlotte-an School of Law, Part IV: Jesus fucking christ, can this place just get shut down already?

So back in November I originally posted about how Charlotte School of Law got itself put on super-secret double probation for failing to actually, you know, exhibit some discretion and judgment in accepting students.

Then, in December, I posted about how they were forced away from the government tit like the runt pig when those sweet, sweet student loan dollars were cut off.

Then, earlier this month, I completely lost my shit on Charlotte School of Law, Infinilaw, and the American Bar Association when the school announced plans to send students from the quickly-draining septic tank of their for-profit bone-picking vulture colony to the not-yet-quite-overflowing shit pile of Florida Coastal, another Infinilaw scam.

After three fucking rounds of chastising and berating all those involved with Charlotte School of Law, I thought I’d said my last piece on the matter.  I figure that maybe, just maybe, it was time to let the school suffer its death throes in peace and hope the beleagured students that, likely, should never have been in law school to begin with, made better choices and went to do something productive and profitable, like dealing drugs or becoming holistic healers.  I was ready to move on with my life and just ignore the fact that this weeping boil on the ass of legal education had ever existed.  We were going to part ways, and that was fucking that.

Then I heard the audio of the fucking meeting held in 2015 at Charlotte, where staff actively discussed how unlikely it was for students to pass the bar exam, and how the students were lazy, unmotivated, and needed to be called out for not performing or fulfilling the obligations of a mock bar exam.  Thirty-Seven Minutes of foul-mouthed, meandering, and accusatory lecturing from a member of the Charlotte School of Law staff, all of which boils down to the following:

Frankly, we have to cover our asses.

By the way, that’s not a paraphrasing.  That’s a direct fucking quote.

Can you feel the fucking love?

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The ABA Has Failed Law Students and the Profession

So yesterday I sort of lost my shit on Charlotte School of Law.  I may or may not have implied its administrators were vultures who had no business billing themselves as attorneys or educators.  It’s possible I implied they purposefully sought out and preyed upon those with big dreams but little academic ability and touted the fact they were doing so as being “diverse.”  I may have, possibly, criticized Infinilaw and it’s corporate for-profit law school scam as being akin to DeVry University and various other late-night TV shills.

I stand by every fucking word of that, and now I have more to say, because let’s be frank: the state of legal education in this country is a goddamn shame.  It sucks for the students, but it’s a damn good thing that this shit is coming home to roost in a way that lays low the “printing money” mindset of running a law school.

I say sincerely and with great conviction that I’m looking forward to more law schools getting shut down.  Cooley, we’re all looking at you.

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Charlotte-an School of Law III: In which I lose my shit.

Let’s talk about Charlotte School of Law. Again. This is the third time we’ve had to have this conversation now, after discussing their probation and the subsequent yanking of funding from the Federal Student Loan program.

Charlotte School of Law just won’t give up, planning now to transfer students to a “sister school” in Florida with private loans to allow them to finish their law school education and go on to fail the bar exam.

Officials sent an email Friday saying they’re working to help students transfer to Florida Coastal Law. It’s owned by Infilaw, the same company that owns Charlotte School of Law.

Well, that’s just peachy.  You know, aside from the fact that it’s a fucking 5 hour drive from Charlotte, NC to Jacksonville, FL, and the fact that the majority of Charlotte School of Law students are from Charlotte, and the fact that they are sending students to another fucking school owned by Infinilaw.  A school which, according to this article, has the second highest academic dropout rate among law schools.

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Charlotte-an School of Law, Part Deux: Electric Boogaloo

Welp, not too long ago I posted about Charlotte School of Law and how they were getting placed on super-secret double probation.

To recap, the school was placed on probation for failing to accept students likely to pass the bar and failing to graduate students that were actually passing the bar.  I also pointed out the absurd amount of debt students were incurring to go to this school, most of which was non-dischargable student loans that would haunt them for the rest of their lives whether they ever practiced law or not.

I may have implied this was the death knell for the for-profit law school that didn’t vet students and fed into the heyday, Wild West marketing of law schools and law degrees as something anyone could do.  I touched on the fact that the school offered no real employment prospects.

Well, today the Department of Education announced that Charlotte School of Law students will no longer be eligible to receive federal student aid as of December 31, 2016.  Goodbye, Charlotte, it was a hell of a ride.

Let’s face the facts, while the article states it is unclear how many of the school’s 700 students receive federal aid, the safe answer is “Fucking all of them.”  Anyone who isn’t receiving federal aid to attend a for-profit, $60,000 per year, Toilet Tier law school is using their wealth the wrong way.  The immediate impact will be the students still there will either a) drop out; b) try to transfer; or c) take out substantial private loans which lack all of the benefits of federal loans to cover the cost of attendance.  In any case, Charlotte School of Law has, in the grand tradition of legal practitioners everywhere, screwed its clients.

There is a question as to whether or not this will be part of a larger trend.  If the ABA and the Department of Education are working together to hold law schools accountable for their matriculation and graduation practices, we may start to see the field of law schools shrink to only those that can justify their existence, the pool of lawyers shrink accordingly, and a loosening of the death grip a glut of new lawyers has placed on the field of legal hiring.

Or we’ll see hard-headed students who are unable to read the writing on the wall sticking themselves in a mountain of debt with no hope of ever joining the esteemed rank of assholes like me that are members of the Bar.

I’m interested to see how this plays out.