Boozy’s Legal Funhouse, Episode 8: Who Owns the Dead?

On this Episode of Boozy’s Legal Funhouse:

Join Boozy for a discussion of property rights regarding your rotting corpse in this overview of the legal nature of a dead body.  From who decides how you’re sent into whatever lies beyond the veil to why you can’t have yourself stuffed and turned into an interesting conversation piece, this week we go over Who Owns the Dead on Boozy’s Legal Funhouse!

Also, Marvel CEOs and DNA Theft, Strip Club paycheck protection, and a possible abrogation of student free speech.

Recorded Before a Live Audience (over the internet) on 3/8/2021

News Links:
Marvel CEO DNA Theft Article
Strip Club PPP Article
SCOTUS Mahanoy City School Docket and Documents


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Freaky Friday: Cadaver Law – Grandma’s Corpse is Court Property

When the crypt doors creak and the tombstones quake, ghost come out for a swinging infringement of Disney’s copyright on the lyrics of this song.

That’s right guys, it’s time to swing open the mausoleum and take a trip down the weird world of the legal and illegal. It’s Freaky Friday here on Lawyers & Liquor, and this month we’re going to talk about the unique legal status of the human cadaver.

…I get the feeling a few of you will find this information important, and immediately afterwards will call off work to go “take care of something” in the basement.

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