Patreon Supporters!

There’s a very special group of people that give me an obscene amount of money each month because they really like the shit I’m doing. I don’t get it either. But as part of this deal, they get space to be recognized!  So, in order of the folks that toss cash at me, here are the high level Patreon Supporters of Lawyers & Liquor!

  1. Dozer Trashpanda
  2. Waylon Darosh
  3. Mark Becwar
  4. Eddie the Weatherfox
  5. Beeton
  6. Momma T
  7. NetherLynx
  8. Uncle Kage
  9. Mark Phaedrus
  10. Petrov Neutrino
  11. Tezcat Magic Jag
  12. Christopher Greer
  13. Marc Whipple
  14. Jack of All Corgs

Thank you all, you rock.

This list is updated at the beginning of each month.  If you would like to be on it, you can become a supporter at Patreon.