Thinking is hard.


I’ll be honest, this post is here because I’m trying to figure out all of this GoDaddy/Wordpress stuff.  At this point, it feels almost as if I’m going to need to sacrifice a chicken at midnight in a graveyard while walking counter-clockwise and lighting candles with burning pages of Posner or something to figure this whole deal out.  I’m not like you folks who know what you’re doing with the internet and such.  I’m the type of guy whose experience in web design died out around the same time Geocities and Angelfire stopped being a thing.

I mean, I’ve been fooling with this site creation tool for the better part of an hour now, and I’ve yet to locate a single clip-art flying toaster, dancing toaster, or creepy “Ooga Chaka” babies.  And where, by the way, is the MIDI file of “Eye of the Tiger” that I can place on a loop in the background because, seriously, what’s a website without “Eye of the Tiger” MIDI background theme music.

Technology has truly passed me by.

So, for all of that, bear with me for a few days as I figure this whole “modern internet” thing out.