Injuries Suck: Explaining My Absence

So, I figure I owe you guys an explanation.

Back on December 11th I was in a car accident. It was a bit of a doozy, and but nobody important was hurt.

By “nobody important was hurt,” I of course mean I broke my hip but everyone else involved was fine.

As a result, I spent the remainder of December laid up on my couch unable to move or really think straight. It’s been a fun and happy holiday season, that’s for sure. I was out of the office, out of connection with reality, and out of drive to get the site updated, update the Patreon, or any of the dozen other things I need to be doing.

Yesterday I triumphantly returned to the office by hobbling in the door and staring blankly at my computer screen for a while. It’s still painful, but I’m back to it, and will be catching the blog, Patreon, and everything else up over the next seven days.

I want to thank all the readers out there who sent me well wishes and messages, and also the other lawyers out there who, particularly the guys in LawyerSmack who sent a gift basket to my office which my staff promptly ate.

I also want to thank my office staff who ran me case files to the house and put up with my constant phone calls to make sure the things they did without any prompting, like finding coverage for me, were done.

I’m hoping to be back to 100% soon enough, and will be back tomorrow to get some of the missed posts up and rolling for everyone.

Thank you,


No Justice: The Status of Transgender Anti-Discrimination In The United States

We’re gonna do Fetish Friday tomorrow this week, on Saturday. The reason’s real simple: I found a topic I wanted to write about that concerns some stuff that doesn’t fit the “Fetish” theme (Note: I also heard you guys on the polygamy thing, and the second part of that will not be on a Fetish Friday either. I’ll post that separately). It’s somewhat timely given a bit of shit that blew up in the Twitter-sphere, and the lovely post that came in on Wednesday from Ms. Tanner, who wrote about the harm that jokes can do to members of marginalized groups.

Today I’m going to talk about some basic legal matters and legislation that affect the transgender community. I think pretty much all transgender folks are aware of this stuff, and it’s really, really basic, but other people (including myself) don’t seem to be aware of the level of discrimination a transgender person can face, and how throughout the vast majority of this country it’s completely legal for a transgender person to be denied service, housing, or employment simply for being themselves. So, today, I’m gonna take a minute and piggy-back on Ms. Tanner’s explanation of why a joke isn’t a joke to explain why people have a right to be upset when they feel they’re being lessened to a cheap punchline. It’s because, quite frankly, we already treat them as less deserving than everyone else under law.

A couple quick caveats:

No jokes (well, maybe a couple jokes, just not at the expense of anyone), just some talk.

I’ll be frank: I have transgender friends, and I was tangentially aware of most of this before looking into things for this post, but I don’t think the unfairness of this ever hit me fully until I started on the drafts of this. I’m learning, please be a bit patient with me.

Finally, today is an introduction to these issues and a bomber’s-sight overview. It isn’t comprehensive and certainly does not address all of the issues. I’ll continue educating myself on some of these topics and digging into other matters, such as identification, estate/death matters, marriage, etc. I simply am not able to cover all of this in a single post. You should take this as a warning as to how much there is to talk about in regards to the current state of law as it relates to transgender persons: there are a lot of issues.

So, let’s get to it.

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Guest Post: When a Joke’s Not A Joke – A view of how humor can hurt

Today I’m welcoming in another guest post on a bit of sensitive topic that, like most sensitive topics, comes from the furries. Yesterday a thoughtless joke was made by someone (thank God not me this time) that hurt a number of people. The joke was regarding the pronouns a person prefers to use for themselves. The writer of that joke later made an apology, and I hope they sincerely take this as a lesson and an opportunity to better themselves and be more aware moving forward.

However, it also sparked a whole “it’s just a joke” thing for a lot of people. Given the current political and social climate, I wanted to say something. But I’m not transgender, and I’m not really a member of a marginalized group, so I have no place to speak to their feelings, emotions, or thoughts.

Instead, I asked for submissions about why the joke was hurtful, because believe it or not, if you’re not a member of the groups affected, or you don’t know many who are, it’s easy to never see past the end of your nose. Lord knows I can’t at times, and I’d like to learn my way around that and let these groups have their voices heard. Hopefully we can have a discussion and foster greater understanding of why the thoughtless things we say are hurtful.

But that’s enough from the fat white law guy. Without further ado, I want to welcome the following post from Z. Tanner,  Ms. Tanner  is a student, poet and writer living in the state of Utah. She is a Non-binary Transperson who is often over-caffeinated, under-slept and has a habit of enjoying a good cup of mead now and then. She also pretends to be a snow leopard on the internet. 

While no one person can speak for an entire community, I find her explanation of why a joke is, in some cases, “not just a joke” enlightening.

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One For The Furry Jury: R.C. Fox and the Amazing Summary Execution


Alright.  I want to talk about something today, and before I do we need to be really clear:

I’m not defending pedophiles.

I’m not defending pedophiles.

I am not defending pedophiles.

I want that to be really clear, because I’m putting on my lawyer hat to discuss a bit about the R.C. Fox scenario that’s a-brewing on the western side of this lovely Commonwealth. I’m doing this to clear up what seem to be some pretty widely held misconceptions and misrepresentations of the known facts in relation to this. This is pure commentary, coming from someone with a working familiarity with the system and the ability to dispel a few of the misconceptions right off the bat.

And frankly, I’m about to piss some of you off. Because, goddammit, guilty or innocent, every accused person deserves a defense. That’s why I do what I fucking do.

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Dracula: The Deadbeat Client

It’s Monday on Lawyers & Liquor, and the first order of business is “Where’s the second episode of the podcast, asshole?” Well, the answer boils down to “I’m a technological incompetent with little ability to do things without a person holding my hand.” The audio recording of my interview with this episode’s guest, Chad Murray from, came out fucking awful on my end and has forced me to amplify my entire half of it…and of course I didn’t record it as two separate tracks and shit, which would have made sense. So it’s been a painstaking process, but the next episode will be out this Wednesday, so that shit’s at least sorted out finally.

Next, tomorrow’s Halloween, and I fucking love Halloween. It’s the time of year where people get to dress up as terrifying monsters, which for me simply entails wearing my normal daily lawyer get-up, and go passively rob people of their candy through a series of vague threats. “Treat,” the little bastards cry, “or trick.” It warms my soul, what little bit of it remains, to see the next generation getting the hang of armed robbery so goddamn early.

But for lawyers, every day is fucking Halloween, isn’t it? I mean, we all deal with monsters in some capacity in our work, from murderers to child molestors, all the way down to the guy that’s simply not going to pay his bill and put some small company out of business because they’re a fuckin’ skell, right? Right, motherfuckers, right. And, in fiction as in reality, lawyers have represented some horrible fucking monsters, haven’t they?

Like Dracula.

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