Being a Webmaster Sucks: A L&L Status Update

Good morning and welcome to Wednesday here at Lawyers & Liquor, or maybe a website telling you you won a free iPhone. I’m aware, somewhere on the site there’s a bit of something that’s redirecting people to scam sites. So, here’s what I’m doing about it:

Tonight I’m backing up the whole site, nuking the thing, then spending hours reinstalling it and bringing it back online. Hopefully that will resolve the issue once and for all. It’s an extreme step, but I’ve done everything else and keep getting messages about how this is still happening to phone and mobile users.

Because I’m doing this, I will not be doing a post today. I’ll post tomorrow regarding the importance of client control, then on Friday for Fetish Friday. Both of those are ready to go, but I’m not going to keep sending folks who want to read them on a merry internet goose chase anymore.

Remember, guys, outside of the Patreon and Ko-Fi links, L&L is an endeavor of love for me. I don’t sell advertising, I don’t collect information, and I pay a lot for the website and server space already. There’s no cash here to hire someone to monitor it, and I don’t really sell a product. Without monetizing the site, there’s simply no money to pay for dedicated services to stop this from happening, and I’m not a fan of monetizing the site. I do know some people who use an Adelaide colocation service for their site, but they also monetize theirs, so that’s a different thing. Of course, I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. In fact its a quick and easy way to make money and if you have the ability to do it then why not? You can even manage monetization app wise as well, not just websites. Somewhere were the majority of the online population have their attention these days.

Hopefully, all goes well. Just in case, though, I’m spending part of today backing up all of our past posts so I can restore the archive if something goes terribly, terribly wrong tonight.

Hopefully the site will be back in the morning without any issues.


2 thoughts on “Being a Webmaster Sucks: A L&L Status Update”

  1. Don’t feel too bad, you’re not the only one this happens to.

    I see this a lot on many main stream news sites in Australia.

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