Brud v. The Jews: A shver harts redt a sach.

Yesterday was pretty interesting, wasn’t it? I mean, among all the other things that were going on in the world on September 27, 2017 we saw Puerto Rico continue to suffer, high-minded debate about the impact of the Jones Act on maritime commerce and relief efforts not to mention the economic impact on a U.S. Territory, the death of a Hugh Heffner, and, of course, a lawyer in Jackson, MS decided that it was time to sue “The Jews.”

Oh, did you miss that one?

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Brud Rossman, an attorney who once worked for the Department of Justice and, according to the Complaint, is a 1989 graduate of Harvard Law. Mr. Rossman, by all accounts, was a somewhat normal attorney with a determined affinity for mathematical calculations. I mean, this man worked for the federal government bringing in, I assume, white collar criminals and forcing them to face justice. To be clear, the AUSA doesn’t often hire folks that are incompetent, and Harvard Law doesn’t tend to admit people who are nutjobs, and the fact that Mr. Rossman is both a former U.S. Attorney and a graduate of Harvard Law speaks to the fact that at some point in the not too distant past, he was a damn good attorney with a level head on his shoulders.

Then something happened.

I have no clue what happened exactly, because my Google-fu is weak this morning, but at some point before 2012, when he was already being reported as an “ex-convict attorney” things went south for Mr. Rossman. In 2003 his house was foreclosed on. At some point he was convicted in Virginia of “maliciously burning” property and served ten months of a two year sentence. He kept his law license in New York because that wasn’t a felony in New York, and therefore he wasn’t required to surrender it as a result of his conviction. According to that article, at some point Brud smoked crystal meth, apparently at the behest of the Department of Justice and with no choice in the matter.

Look, maybe all that is right. I don’t know. But what is clear is sometime after the foreclosure on his house and the  conviction for what is, in laymen’s terms, an arson charge , Mr. Rossman…went off the deep end a little.  Since 2012 he has sued the following:

And many, many others.  Seriously, just searching the federal cases filed with the party “Brud Rossman” brings up three fucking pages of cases  on Justia. He is, in the simplest fucking way possible, the most stunning example of a vexatious litigant imaginable.

However, this doesn’t stop with just filing lawsuits. In 2015, Mr. Rossman was again charged with a crime, this time sending threats over state lines. It appears he got a form of probation in that one, but frankly guys I’m not digging too far into it considering in his Complaint against “The Jews” Rossman admits to challenging people to duels on a semi-regular basis as a means of resolving his disputes against them.

By the way, his justification for the legality of doing so is the fact Alexander Hamilton did this. So, you know, thanks for making that a matter of common knowledge there, Lin Manual Miranda.

Why am I writing all of this, and doing so, to this point, so respectfully?

Because I want to be really clear at the next part: I’m feeling a little bad about making fun of Mr. Rossman, because from the appearances here he matches a story a lot of lawyers are familiar with.  A good and diligent attorney has something major happen in their lives and they just sort of fucking…snap. Something in them goes off, and for the people who did “everything right,” like Mr. Rossman appears to have done in his early life, the world just fucking falls apart. What was a reasonable man turns into someone who makes statements like “The Mooch insisted on baptizing me” and “The Jews have destroyed me.” There is a disconnect between the reality of the situation and the actual causes, and sometimes an unwillingness to accept either personal responsibility for the things that were within a person’s control or that some things simply aren’t within your control no matter how good you are at shit.

Hence how we get filings that insist there is a massive Jewish Conspiracy targeted solely at this one attorney, who damn near nobody had ever heard of outside of certain circles until recently.

I mean, literally, the man has a section in one of his exhibits labeled “Why I am right and they are wrong.”  It starts as follows:

“I am smarter than they are . . . .”

That is some fucking hubris coming from a guy who has been in jail for setting shit on fire and keeps suing government figures, isn’t it?

Guys, I normally spend a lot of time making fun of things that are ostensibly bleeding fucking crazy, but here I just can’t. The man’s logic and insistence is detestable, I mean, sincerely detestable. He’s abusing the legal system as part of a misguided, misogynistic, racist, anti-semitic crusade against all of those people that have “wronged” him in his view and are the obvious cause of his misfortune. He refers to women as “cunts,” African-Americans as “Niggas,” and has seen fit to sue an entire goddamn religious and ethnic sect. The man has no redeemable views in my opinion.

But in this case it’s not because of an unwillingness to accept reality or a wish to bend things to his will. He was a federal prosecutor during the Reno administration, which wasn’t exactly a stunningly conservative time period. I find it hard to believe those views would have led to him being a good prosecutor or allowed him to thrive at Harvard Law in the late eighties.

In this case it seems like this is a result of a man snapping, whether it be due to mental illness, drug abuse, alcoholism, or simply the weight of the world coming down on him, and lashing out as a result.

I just can’t fucking laugh at that part, because there’s nothing funny about that.

So I’ll leave it like this:

The Jews have better lawyers.

The Jews also have a number of doctors that are very able.

I’m sure The Jews will be willing to help Mr. Rossman if he seeks one out.

But I doubt he will, because these are all just words.  And as my Grandma used to say: “A guten helft a vort; a shlechten helft afileh kain shteken oich nit”