The ABA Web Top 100: Getting Out The Vote – Boozy’s Picks

OH SNAP!  It’s time to start nominating people for the ABA’s Top Web Top 100!

So, this is the internet popularity/substantive discussion contest that lawyers engage in every year. Essentially, we all get together and vote for whose website we like the most, and watch the losers not acknowledge the ABA Top 100 is, you know, a thing. I find it amusing that I was nominated for this considering my public feelings and opinions on the ABA, but let’s be completely fucking honest here: I’m a big old whore. I will most definitely take accolades from anyone willing to give them to me.  Even the ABA, who, as we’ve discussed, has a time traveling power that allowed them to establish the first clothier on the banks of the Rubicon.

So, to appease the internet overlords, I’m going to follow the trend and let you know who the hell I think deserves recognition for this (prestigious?) honor:

The Written Word is Dead: Blawgs

I still can’t get over the fact we call law-blogs “blawgs.” It’s just…jesus. But, keeping in mind that the Blawg is a dying art form which I decided to join into late in the game, proving how current I keep myself, here are my nominations for the best damn Law Blogs out there right now:

Jeremy W. Richter – Richter is an insurance defense attorney, AKA an asshole who prevents me from getting my payday on a regular basis. He’s also a damn good writer on a variety of legal, and not so legal, topics. His posts range from commercial trucking issues to the history of anti-miscegenation law in Alabama. The common thread? It’s always – ALWAYS – an interesting read.

Big Law Investor – Josh here is a different breed of lawyer: A financially responsible one. Once again, I hate him for this, but I love his blog. Written for attorneys (and, you know, others) on how to manage their debt and wealth, it’s a constantly good read with a theme of “don’t be stupid with cash.” I rarely heed his advice.

SCOPAReview – This one is personal to me. This guy, Joel Ready, is a small lawyer I’ve met at least once, but he goes out of his way, in between hustling the clients and cases, to stay abreast of developments coming out of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and analyzing them. Helpful for a PA practitioner.


I have only one suggestion this year, and it’s a site I’ve previously talked about on the site: Tim Denison Law.  The more I look at his site, the more I just fucking love the fact that there’s a website out there with a picture of the lawyer looking like an extra from Sons of Anarchy, and the fact Tim is a good goddamn lawyer is only a bonus.

Seriously. Go look at that site. It’s like the High Times cover if it featured a lawyer.

Podcasts? Seriously? People Listen to Those?

I don’t listen to lawyer podcasts. I hear enough lawyers rambling about shit in my daily life that I have no desire to bring it into my home during my off hours.

Representation in 140 Characters or Less: Twitter

Oh boy. This is the fun part for me, because there are so many people on Twitter that I’m tempted to just start listing morons and seeing what happens.  Instead, I’m going to take this shit semi-seriously.

Associate’s Mind – No longer content with being the Chief Enforcer and Sugardaddy of LawyerSlack and his site, Keith Lee is now poised to take over Twitter with some stunning shit-stirring…such as releasing certain transcripts into the wild, giving “hot takes” (did I use that right, kiddies?) on legal opinions, and joining a certain inebriated attorney in roundly chastising sov cits and pro se plaintiffs for their insane ramblings.

Brian Cuban – An advocate for recovery and mental health/addiction issues in the legal community, I enjoy reading Brian’s tweets on everything from recovery to staying “okay” with being you. He gets my nod, but not my whiskey, and for that I’m certain he’s grateful.

Akron Bar Association – Everyone else is fawning over those mooks over at the Florida Bar Twitter for their GIF game, but my first love is gonna be Akron. Although I famously hate Ohio, I love these assholes, if for no other reason than they spent a weekend riding a fuzzy tractor with me not so long ago and fearing for the sanctity of their office spaces.  Also, they have good legal stuff.

Half-Cocked Law – Because, and let’s be honest here, everyone loves an anonymous attorney on the internet.

Go Nominate:

Fuckin’ seriously.  It isn’t difficult.  The Nomination forms are right here. You just have to be a lawyer to vote, and, you know…remember that if you vote for me, unlike Trump I promise to be up front about destroying everything I touch.