Arizona Summit Schadenfreude: Another Infinilaw Diploma Mill Goes Down.


So, today was supposed to be all about how to not be the fucking problem in negotiations, but you know what? Fuck that noise. We’ll get back to that shit later. I’ll bore you with all of that some other time, maybe tomorrow, maybe not. We got bigger fish to fry.

Namely how the ABA has decided they need to serve a purpose and started bitch-slapping the shit out of InfiniLaw! That’s right, fresh on the heels of sticking Charlotte School of Law on a probation that seems to be sounding the death knell of that outhouse turned law school, the ABA has tasted some blood and decided to unleash hell on yet another bastion of for-profit, corporate driven legal education. While the body of its sister institution isn’t even cold and is, in fact, still jerking through the final few throes of an inglorious ending, Arizona Summit has found itself sitting squarely in the sights of a now-hungry ABA board.

Oh God, I didn’t think I could get this erect.

Let’s take a look at the amazing thing that is the ABA’s letter to Arizona Summit, which is one of three Infinilaw Law Schools and Pancake Houses operating throughout the country.  First, Arizona Summit House of Chicken, Waffles, and Law Learnin’ was hit with more violations than its bloodied sister, Charlotte.  Charlotte, you may recall, was whacked with violations of ABA Rules 301(a) and 501(a) and (b). These are the ABA Rules that require a law school to have a program that prepares students to actually be fucking lawyers and governs the admissions process by stating that a law school should only be accepting students that have a reasonable prospect of being fucking lawyers. Arizona Summit, not surprisingly, got hit with that stick…and then the ABA went further.

Yep, Arizona Summit, in a desperate effort to prove everything in Arizona just fucking sucks, got hit with violations of ABA Rules 308(a) and 309(b) as well, which is a big fucking deal because these are the sections that have these requirements:

Rule 308(a) requires:

A law school shall adopt, publish, and adhere to sound academic standards, including those for regular class attendance, good standing, academic integrity, graduation, and dismissal.

While Rule 309(b) states:

A law school shall provide academic support designed to afford students a reasonable opportunity to complete the program of legal education, graduate, and become members of the legal profession.

So read altogether, what does this seem to mean?  Well, it seems to mean that while Charlotte was being a predatory bastard of a law school, reaching into groups of students that had a dream and not much else to fill the ranks and its coffers, Arizona Summit did the same damn thing, and then failed to academically support their fucking students in the ongoing effort to actually practice fucking law. This shouldn’t fucking surprise anyone, by the way, since it’s been my long-standing opinion, and that of the majority of the legal profession, that the Infinilaw schools are simply the legal world’s version of those schools you see on late night television. “Learn to be a game programmer, private detective, or a fucking lawyer with the Infinilaw system!”

It’s not that fucking hard to see why the ABA took this measure, too, considering that Arizona Summit was identified as “exploiting students for money” since at least 2014 thanks to reports and investigations by Law School Transparency.  That’s not even counting the fact that the school has consistently posted pass rates for the bar exam below the state average since fucking 2013, most recently posted a bar exam pass rate of 24.6%, and has essentially taken students with LSAT scores as low as 140. Hell, that’s not even taking into account the fact that the school itself states the median debt for graduates is over $178,000 dollars.

My fucking god, where the hell was the oversight in this whole fucking thing? Oh, wait, that’s cool, they posted like a 97% pass rate back in like 2010 when they were still making the fucking effort to entice students with high LSAT scores in order to make themselves appear to be a viable option while seeking ABA Accreditation.

See, that’s the fucking problem right there. Law schools, like lawyers, learned long ago that while it’s hard to get your “license,” in this case the ABA accreditation, it’s even harder to lose it. I mean, think about the number of lawyers you know who have done shit that would get them denied admission to any state bar if they were a new applicant on character and fitness grounds, but are still practicing? The ABA, like the profession in general, is a hell of a lot more lenient on law schools that are accredited and start fucking up than they are on law schools that are trying to get accredited.  This is a fucking issue.

It’s an issue because of the shit that happened at Arizona Summit and Charlotte, and at other shit quality law schools nationwide. These institutions offer the best and the brightest that they can entice full rides and scholarships to get them in the door, likely operating at a loss during the first few years of existence, so they can get that sweet, sweet ABA accreditation. Afterwards, they have a fucking license to print money, bilking students out of every penny and taking all comers, able to practice or not, on the assumption that the worst that’ll happen is they get a slap on the wrist and a “you can do better” from the ABA. Now, though, the ABA seems to be waking up to the scam and finally paying some fucking attention.

After students of Arizona Summit, a for-profit law school ran by a fucking investment group, have mutually incurred millions of dollars of non-dischargeable student loan debt that makes them about as likely to be an attorney as it does to make them a fucking astronaut.

The fact that the ABA is finally waking the fuck up from its long slumber is a good thing for law students and for the profession as a whole. However, I still want to know why the fuck they were taking a goddamn nap in the first place. I do some bankruptcy work, these sorts of loans seriously fuck people up for life. Even practicing attorneys struggle under the burden of their student loan debt on a regular basis, and you can only imagine the fucking nightmare that is having the goddamn debt but not having the license to practice law that you incurred it for. Holy fuck, man, what the hell was the ABA doing during that fucking time frame? Jerking each other off in the back of some conference hall during an annual retreat?

But it’s okay, man, because maybe Infinilaw can transfer all of the students to Florida Coastal! You know, like they suggested with Charlotte!

Until the ABA and the Department of Education shut Florida Coastal down for failing to meet the appropriate employment standards.

Back in January, I said this about the Infinilaw schools, indicating all of them are getting their asses shut down:

There are three Infinilaw law schools.  How much you want to bet 1L’s who started at Charlotte will end their career in Arizona, a step ahead of the repo man and having visited several areas of this great country in the process?

I may have had the order off, but the fact still stands: the heyday of printing money off the backs of law students is winding down, and these cesspools are finding themselves out of luck. I’d be happier if it didn’t mean a lot of fucking law students, many of whom have absolutely no business being law students in the first place, are going to be left out in the cold with this shit.

Maybe they should take it as a sign, and go exercise their talents in a profession with more money, where they’re more likely to succeed. The world always needs good teachers.

As for Infinilaw…well, I foresee a future in the courts for the Sterling Partners-run vultures that have been a pimple on the ass of the legal profession for the past few years.