Weekend Round-up, 11/21/2016

What happened this weekend?  Well, Trump supported safe spaces, people decided that forcing baristas to say Trump’s name was somehow a punishment, Ted Cruz still looks like Cousin Eddie, and, because even in the fever dream that is 2016 we need some hope, I watched Band of Brothers for the 18th time.

First, Mike Pence got booed at Hamilton by the audience, and then the actors made an impassioned plea to Pence to represent all Americans, even those with different skin colors and sexual orientations.  While the plea itself was civil and in fact rousing in that it was a statement that, beyond partisan politics, the government works for the people (all of them), President -Elect Trump took offense:

Lincoln would agree with him in principle.


Note that Trump is apparently in support of safe spaces for those most maligned of people: older white Christian male politicians with the ability to afford tickets to a hit broadway play.  Nice to know The Donald has the protection of the real victims of our society at heart.

Second, apparently a boycott now means you buy the product but make people vaguely uncomfortable doing so.  In response to a video, Trump supporters have been staging a protest by going to Starbucks and ordering a beverage, but giving their name as “Trump” in order to thumb their nose at Starbucks.  Or make the world aware of how many Trump supporters there are.  Or make the baristas uncomfortable.  I don’t know, these people voted for Donald Trump, a man best described as a pissed off Cheeto.  It doesn’t really have to make sense at this point.  The important thing is they’re doing it at Starbucks, because even making a political statement shouldn’t mean they need to get coffee at Dunkin.

Nobody. Loves. You.

Third, I’ve previously stated my belief that Ted Cruz strongly resembles Randy Quaid.  Seeing his picture in the news following FedSoc2016 has only furthered this belief.


Luckily, even though his RV was already hooked up to the gas and sewer at 1 First Street, Cousin Teddy didn’t take advantage of a gathering of conservative lawyers to announce his desire to sit on the Supreme Court.

For this, we’re thankful.