Updates from an addled mind

Alright. So a while back I indicated that I was trying, desperately, to figure out this WordPress stuff.

I’m slowly getting there. See, there’s now social media share buttons at the bottom of this page. I’m so fucking special, aren’t I? Look at how special I am, figuring out the internet and shit. I deserve a pat on the back and a drink for all of this. Hell, I even made a Twitter account and an email address that isn’t my name. Because I’m special. 

I also figured out that, apparently, registering a GoDaddy.com account, combined with WordPress, makes people think that I need a logo. I don’t need a logo. How do you even assume this site needs a logo? I can’t justify the purchase of a logo for what is, currently, nothing more than a repository for my personal accounts of failure at being a technologically advanced person. Fuck your logo.

Alright, that’s it. I’ll try for something substantive as soon as I figure this out. Hell, maybe I’ll even figure out how to add other pages! That’d be neat. Then I can add old geocities.com MIDI files playing Eye of the Tiger.